Best Google Chrome Tips & Tricks

Chrome has been a huge success story for Google since its introduction in 2008. Right from the start, the browser aimed to be as lightweight and user-friendly as possible, but that doesn't mean there aren't some advanced features hidden away behind the scenes-and with that in mind here are 10 of our favorite tips for doing more with the Chrome browser.

1)Enable Guest Blogging

Enable Guest browsing tick box under People in Settings. To switch to the guest account, click on your username (top right), then choose Switch Person and Browse as Guest.

2)Fit more items in the bookmarks bar

The Chrome bookmarks bar can quickly become crowded and bloated, but if you've pinned sites that have easily identifiable favicons you can delete the descriptions to free up space-you'll be left with a row of compact icons to launch your favorite sites.

3)Chrome Omnibox

The Chrome omnibox has a host of secret powers. One of these is the ability to perform quick calculations and even unit conversions right from the address bar, no Google search required.

4)Chrome Task Manager

Chrome has its own Task Manager you can call up from the More Tools menu-it shows you a list of all the open tabs and the background processes running in the browser at the moment, along with the amount of system resources they're using up

5)Chrome as Media Player

You can use Chrome to view several of the most common video, audio, and photo formats to save you the trouble of having to install or launch a separate media player application. Chrome keeps on-screen interface elements down to a minimum, so you might prefer to open up a podcast or a movie in a browser tab, for example. Just drag and drop the file into an open tab.